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Civil Society, Trust, and Democracy

The background of this year's theme, as explained by our secretariat

This year, in Turkish International Model United Nations, participants will explore the theme “Civil Society, Trust, and Democracy”. Within this theme, TIMUN wishes to delve deeper and beyond mainstream understandings of one of the most authentic human inventions of all time: democracy. It will view civil society and international trust as integral elements of democratic institutions.

A common viewpoint articulates democracy as a necessary evil. Winston Churchill’s lingering quote, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” finds its way as a maxim in our judgements of daily occurrences. This maxim presumes democracy as a stationary and absolute form of government, and through such quotes we are forced to reduce democracy to governmental institutions and systems, such as elections and the ballot box. This year, in TIMUN, we reject this notion. In TIMUN 2019, we view democracy as an evolving, dynamic set of principles to guide public discourse and form the basis of a healthy and egalitarian society. We recognize two absolute principles within democracy: popular sovereignty and socio-political equality.

From such an understanding, we formulate the necessity to work towards developing, deepening and expanding our understanding of democracy and democratic institutions. In that, we wish to inject popular sovereignty and socio-political equality to all national and international governmental institutions. Thus, in order to expand beyond four days of debating and resolution making, we chose agenda items that will engage and inspire participants to carry the will to change back home, and use it to further causes they care about.