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Special Thanks to Renan Dinçer, Past Press Members

Distinguished Advisors, Honorable Guests, and Dear Participants,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 13th session of the International Court of Justice at TIMUN '19. I am honored to serve as the President of one of the most exciting committees in MUN, consisting of the most passionate and experienced participants each year. 


As a conference, TIMUN strives to transcend borders and bring together people from all around the world to focus on solving issues of global significance; serving as a forum promoting discussion and propagating international mindedness. The International Court of Justice follows the same ideals and aims to help preserve a world dedicated to the notion that all countries and their nationals should benefit from their rights in accordance with international law. The ICJ not only examines international law and policy in depth but also encourages the young ardent minds of today to utilize their problem-solving skills.


This year at the International Court of Justice, we will be hearing the case of the Application of the Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide between Croatia and Serbia. Once united as SFR Yugoslavia, the two countries fell apart as a result of the conflict stemming from the breakup of SFR Yugoslavia, which resulted in several wars between succeeding countries. The court will work vigorously over the course of 4 days in order to determine a verdict, coming to a conclusion based on the pieces of evidence and witness testimonies of both parties. 


Each year, with its ambitious advocates, meticulous judges, and an experienced Presidency, the ICJ at TIMUN continues raising its standards of success. 


I eagerly look forward to working with the members of the ICJ at TIMUN 2019.


Best Regards,

Can Kerem Akbulut

President of the ICJ at TIMUN 2019