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Letter from the Secretaries-General

Distinguished Advisors, Honorable Guests, and Esteemed Participants,


It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 28th Annual Session of Turkish International Model United Nations, hosted by Uskudar American Academy between November 26-28 2021, with the theme of “Resilience Amidst Uncertainty”.


TIMUN, as a long-established THIMUN-affiliated conference, has stood out as a leading hub of youth exchange since its establishment. In its history of 28 years, TIMUN has witnessed countless decision-making processes amidst precarious realities. However, the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent crises have revealed the unforeseen rise of global inequality, inadequacies within health systems, urgency of climate change, and much more.


Due to the pandemic, TIMUN 2020 was held online for the first time. This drastic change did not affect our ability to orient and maintain the fruitful platform we provide, however. Last year, we focused on adapting to novel challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that we have adapted, it is time for us to learn how to be resilient in the face of new catastrophes. The crises that 2020 brought upon us are not over, and 2021 has brought new challenges that require solidarity, flexibility, and ourselves: the next generation. 


With global response mechanisms failing to function, we now have the chance to build a better world in ways we couldn’t before. The actions we take today towards building resilience will not only define our generation, but also shape the future and hopefully, forge a more sustainable world. In this new era, an era filled with many uncertainties, all of us need to be a part of the decision-making processes as diverse voices lead to better results.


An institution’s or a country’s ability to demonstrate resilience is a direct reflection of how well unexpected crises can be faced and overcome to ensure a more sustainable future. In our efforts to be better prepared and more adept at adapting to future adversities, we need to befriend uncertainty and prepare for the unexpected. This is why the debate at TIMUN ‘21 will center around the theme of “Resilience Amidst Uncertainty”. 


As the first MUN conference to be established in Turkey, TIMUN has been offering a platform of quality debate where diligence and enthusiasm have flourished and participants have been empowered. On behalf of the Executive Team of TIMUN ‘21, we can wholeheartedly say that TIMUN will uphold the high standards it has consistently demonstrated for 28 years, while paving the way for new ideas in the direction of overcoming adversities and moving forward.


Most sincerely,


Yasemin Yüksel & Cansu Çağıran

Secretaries General of TIMUN ‘21

Letter from the President of the General Assembly

Esteemed Directors, Dear Guests, and Honorable Participants,


It is my honor and utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 28th annual session of Turkish International Model United Nations. TIMUN ‘21 will remain the epitome of youth debate on international matters, building upon its long experience and meeting the standards the greater MUN community has learned to expect from our conference.


The pandemic caught the global community by surprise. Fundamental international organizations fell short of what was expected of them; governments were not able to act in unison to solve their common problems, and citizens failed to receive the support they needed. Every party to this global catastrophe tried to save itself. 2020 was the year of survival. 


The start of vaccination of the public, a general discourse of optimism by political figures, and the beginning of the new year gave everyone hope in 2021. It was thought that the problem was the year and that the new year would bring its remedies. Unfortunately, this was far from the truth. The flaws within the global system were more exposed; economic and social crises increased in number; trends such as vaccine nationalism continued dividing the global community, and citizens around the world struggled to cope with the effects of the pandemic. 


It is obvious that survival is not enough. While small tweaks to national healthcare schemes and macroeconomic policy may provide short-term solutions and allow survival, the past year and a half have shown that we were woefully unprepared for COVID-19 and its subsequent crises. In light of the fact that there are other crises looming, it is abundantly clear that it is time for a comprehensive audit of our current system.


That is why this year’s theme is “Resilience Amidst Uncertainty”. Without greater resilience, we will be no more prepared for the ecological crises of climate change and biodiversity loss or another pandemic than we were for COVID-19. 


Debate in TIMUN ‘21 will be centered on the shortcomings of global systems as exposed by the pandemic. Previously-founded global principles and institutions will be evaluated regarding their viability in the post-pandemic world. Participants representing different viewpoints of Member States will not only critique our world but will also decide on how the principles and institutions that govern our post-pandemic world should look. 


As the President of the General Assembly, I can assure you that, as always, TIMUN will continue its legacy of excellence and the quality of debate it has displayed since 1993 while striving for a better future.


Best regards,


Mehmet Efe Kılıç

President of the General Assembly of TIMUN ‘21