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Letter from the Secretary-General and Executive Coordinator


Esteemed Directors, Distinguished Guests, and Dear Delegates,


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the upcoming tricennial session of Turkish International Model United Nations, TIMUN ‘23. Last year, we had the great honor of having you on campus after a two-year, virtual break—reinvigorating the “TIMUN spirit”. 


The term “Age of Extremes” was first coined by famous historian Eric Hobsbawm to describe the 20th Century. Following two World Wars, many more regional and international conflicts, the Cold War, and a pandemic, the latter half of the century was, arguably, a time of relative peace and international cooperation.


After a century that both saw the dissolution of global empires and the formation of many fragile nation-states, the 20th Century was undeniably an age of extremes. The new millennium brought hope, an age of neo-liberal integration, and global cooperation. Yet, it also brought a new age of extremes with unique regional and international conflicts, terrorism, skepticism, political polarization, and the climate crisis. 


In this neo-age of extremes, world leaders sought global solutions to remedy national and international problems. To this end, we chose this year’s theme, Building Global Frameworks in an Age of Extremes, to create a platform for discussion and contribute to this effort.


With our region of focus, South and East Asia, we aim to capture the ‘zeitgeist’ of 21st Century conflict and peace alike. We hope that our agenda items will serve as catalysts for creative debate and global framework-building, moving our ever-changing world a step closer to lasting peace.


As heads of the Executive Team, we’re confident that this year’s TIMUN will not only further build our “Tricennial Legacy” but also be the best one to date. We hope to see you this year at TIMUN ‘23 and wish for a fruitful and enjoyable conference for all. 


Warm Regards,


Ali Berat Boşça & Ela Binatlı

Secretary-General & Executive Coordinator of TIMUN ‘23

Letter from the President of the General Assembly

Dear Advisors, Honorable Delegates, and Distinguished Guests,


It is an honor to welcome you all to the 30th annual session of Turkish International Model United Nations. In order to honor TIMUN’s tricennial legacy, we will do our utmost to empower young voices, and help nurture future diplomats.


Today’s world is experiencing sudden and extreme changes that few people benefit from. Many challenges arise constantly whether they be political uncertainties, water pollution, armed conflict, etc. The United Nations is a major organization which brings hope to those affected by these extreme hardships.


For decades, an unprecedented number of problematic situations have been a matter that’s necessary to resolve for South and East Asia, which is the main focus of this year’s TIMUN. Many different projects have been implemented in the region such as the Three Gorges Dam and the Belt and Road Initiative. Whether these initiatives have been positive or negative is up to discussion. Policies of countries and the lack of diplomacy during their implementation have evidently resulted in major consequences ranging from the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, to violent extremism in India.


The best and only logical approach to the aforementioned problems is political discourse. So, the theme of TIMUN ‘23 has been set as “Building Global Frameworks in an Age of Extremes.” Increased cooperation even in times of extremism and polarization is necessary for the future of humanity. The United Nations and Member States are capable of playing a crucial role in overcoming obstacles that arise in the 21st century.


We encourage participants to focus on thorough research and cooperation fueled by effective discussion. In the process of battling terrorism, alleviating economic crises and the like, global frameworks are necessary as peace can never be established in a region without cooperation. Work constructed by numerous delegates together will be of help in creating ideas to improve policies. 


As a member of this year’s secretariat, I am confident that this year’s conference will exceed the high standards of TIMUN. Our beloved conference has built an unmatched legacy throughout its 30 years, and we are certain that this legacy will continue growing for many years to come.


Best regards,

Deniz Çiçek 

President of the General Assembly of TIMUN ‘23

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