Bidding Farewell

(One of the advantages of having creative control over this article is my capability to suggest what to listen to while reading the following words. As you keep reading I suggest listening to Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight by the Beatles in that order )

Throughout the years, I saw my friends come to school in suits, only to leave for a MUN conference two periods later. In December of 2017, I remember Kayra and Kamil taking laminated flag prints out of their bags before reaching for their Language vocabulary cards, and Selin showing me the closing video, in which the upper-grade students who the Preps most looked up to danced to 24K Magic. I saw my classmates run frantically around as Admins and fulfill responsibilities; flesh out the vibrancies of what MUN has to offer and not shy away from what needed to be fixed five years later now as the leaders of the conference (and only to bid farewell to the auditorium adorned with neatly hung, ironed virtual flags).

As high school seniors, we are not getting the year promised to us by High School Musical 3: Senior Year, nor are these passionate leaders of TIMUN being able to properly say their goodbyes to the conference. Therefore I as the Head of Press, unofficially, yield the floor to my classmates and the seniors of TIMUN:

Ceren Dolay- President of the General Assembly

I cannot believe how we transformed from little Admins to Executive team members and Chairs. This is our last TIMUN and last year at UAA, but frankly, I cannot (or should I say, I do not want to) believe that it is. Being the PGA this year has been the most rewarding experience I could ever ask for. Although the conference was virtual, I am sure that my eyes will tear up whenever I recall my TIMUN '20 memories.

Kamil Özkan- Secretary-General

I feel like TIMUN is the graduation that I probably won’t have due to COVID. It was an honor and a privilege to serve as the SG this year, and to be a member of this amazing MUN community.

Kayra Bahadır- President Chair of the Advisory Panel

Though it wasn't unexpected, I can proudly state that TIMUN has eliminated every obstacle the pandemic has placed in front of it. TIMUN has been more than a single conference, it has been a center of growth, unity, empathy, discussion, thinking, and family. TIMUN enabled me, as well as other participants, to enhance ourselves in multiple ways and became a significant part of our development towards becoming better citizens of the world we share.

Kaan Altınay-President Chair SPC2

None of us imagined our last TIMUN would be like this, but the exemplary effort of the Executive Team has assured that TIMUN 20 became the benchmark for what an online conference should be. It is a sorrowful way for all of us Seniors when most of us are saying farewell not only to TIMUN, but to our 5-year MUN careers. I seriously did not understand how time passed as quickly as it did. I thank everyone I have met over the last 5 years for giving me something new. I wish all my fellow Seniors the best in their future, and I want to remind those who still have a couple more years to enjoy them to the best of their ability.

Alp Çırnaz- President Chair GA3

This year will be my last year at MUN and at UAA. It is said that every end is a new beginning. Thus, as I move on, I am confident that the valuable friendships I have made during MUN will linger on. This year’s TIMUN conference, although online, was definitely a huge success. That is why I am certain that our generation can accomplish ‘virtually’ anything.

Aysu Ugurses- President Chair GA5

For the past 5 years, it was during my phenomenal TIMUN experiences that I realized I was growing up. I went from being an Admin to a President Chair, which is probably why TIMUN and UAA MUN are the chapters I am struggling the most to close at the end of my high school life. Having been the President of our club as well, the place my UAA MUN family has in my heart will always remain intact.

Beliz Zorbozan- Deputy Chair GA1

Maybe it is because the conference is online, but the fact that it’s my last TIMUN has not hit me yet. I just feel like I will keep on coming back each year, attending STOFF dinners, and hijacking other committees during gossip readings.

Selin Eryigit- President Chair GA5

I am very sentimental about being a President chair and a Senior, but I will try not to cry during the closing ceremony. Although this is my very last TIMUN, I will always remember and celebrate this unforgettable institution every December. Keep being the best quality conference that you are, TIMUN!

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