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Fashion Police

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The TIMUN’22 conference has started and it has been going strong since day 1. We all know how tiring and intense a TIMUN day can get. If a single plan goes wrong, people naturally get stressed. All within this chaos we wanted to lighten our conference and make a quick fit check for them to think about something else for a minute.

To start with, here we have Ada Nur Başar from Üsküdar American Academy, showing us her outfit. She is our secretary general and has a lot going on in her mind. Her chic dress and elegant scarf certainly don’t reveal her anxious mind. Looking good Ada!

Here we have another good-looking group. Matching their shoes to their jacket and keeping a casual yet classy look represents their dedication to TIMUN. Pursuing a good fashion style regardless of their rapid schedule definitely deserves applause!

Here we have some committee chairs! They did an amazing job by bringing some color to the conference. With the bright blue dress and red nail polish among an all-black elegance… Following that, we see an eye-catching scarf, purse, and yellow tie that is the cherry on top. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the conference, especially with their high fashion style.

Here we have fellow friends from Koç schools, American Collegiate Institute, and Üsküdar American Academy. Big applause to the guys who diversified their suits and got the boredom out of wearing suits that are all styled similarly. Thanks to them again! I hope the future members can pursue the dedication and effort that can be seen in their outfits and maintain their passion for TIMUN.

Sedef Kara UAA'23

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