From the Perspectives of Delegates

This year’s conference is, suffice to say, significantly different from our past conferences. It is not only the physical medium of the conference that has changed, but every branch.

Today, the Press team turns the lens onto the delegates of TIMUN and asks the following questions:

1. How does it feel to be participating in this conference virtually?

2. What expectations do you have?

3. Do you think there are any benefits to holding a MUN conference online? (You can refer to the other conferences you've participated in, too)

Ali Erdem Kızılören (ECOSOC - Delegation of UK)

  1. Although I was remotely skeptical about the flow of this virtual conference, at first sight, I witnessed TIMUN's exemplary organization once again. TIMUN never ceases to amaze you!

  2. With my peers joining from various countries of the globe, I aim to acquire distinct Gen Z perspectives on intercontinental issues through our deliberation.

  3. I would much prefer a face-to-face version of TIMUN, but considering the excellence despite the on-going conditions, TIMUN has proved to excel virtually too.

Güney Baver Gürbüz (GA5 - Delegation of Iran)

  1. I am happy to be part of the TIMUN conference, but it really saddens me to be deprived of the atmosphere of the UAA campus teeming with both national and international students enjoying TIMUN, like the previous years.

  2. I expect a truthful debate where lots of solutions are found.

  3. Of course, I just woke up 30 minutes before the beginning of the conference today.

Selay Ertürk (GA1 - United Kingdom)

  1. It obviously feels a little bit strange to attend his conference virtually. Although it lacks socializing and TIMUN’s famous cupcakes, I still am content with it.

  2. Even though it is an online conference, I still expected TIMUN to maintain its standards, which I believe TIMUN does not fail to fulfill. At least for now, I enjoyed it so much.

  3. I have been to a few great online conferences so far, but I feel like I still prefer face-to-face conferences. However, in online conferences, it is much easier to participate in the debate and prepare for the debate.

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