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The Legend of the TIMUN Cupcake

It was cold, unfortunately. It was a gloomy day on the UAA campus. The execs were running around, and delegates were talking with each other. The delegate workshop was in progress and I was getting restless. Somebody came in through the door to pick my friends and me up, shaking the box in the process. My sweet frosting shook with each step the admins took, my sprinkles jumped with excitement: I was going to be eaten! The admin talked to her friend on the way, couldn’t she be faster? I have places to be! Buildings went by – Morgan, Martin, and now

Barton. My fate was getting closer any second. We reached the tunnel between Barton and Bowker. There it was: the cupcake stand. For 30 liras, I could be sent to someone new, and they would eat me! The box I was in was really pretty, I assume the delegates also admired it from the clump of people gathered here. Green and pink bills were flying around and somebody finally picked me up. He opened his mouth and got rid of the covering on my chocolate cake. In just a few bites, my goal was accomplished – I was eaten! This is what a TIMUN cupcake is here for: to be delicious, and to be devoured with joy in addition to being the epitome of the conference.

Armağan Gül UAA'23

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